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AgriPlan (for farmers) and BizPlan are medical reimbursement programs that enable qualified small business owners to deduct 100% of federal, state, and FICA taxes for family medical costs, and on average save $4,000 or more a year.

They are legal plans that allow small business owners to take advantage of the same tax breaks as the big companies. Key to these savings is the ability to declare medical expenses as a business expense rather than a personal deduction.

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Flex Plan from

FlexSystem is an IRS Code Section 125 Cafeteria Plan that enables employees to pay for eligible expenses on a pre-tax basis – an instant savings of nearly 30% for the employee! For you? Benefits costs are controlled without restricting choices, and you pay less in Social Security tax for every dollar of employee participation. (FLEXIBLE SPENDING PLAN)

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Why Sell TASC

TASC has proven to be one of the industry’s most trusted and reliable TPAs. A large part of our success is owed to the partnerships we share with the brokers, agents, tax professionals, and financial planners that make up our provider network.

TASC is the largest privately-held TPA in the country. Our technology, customer service, and provider resources gives you all the tools you’ll need to sell with confidence.

Bottom line: We’ll make you look great!

COMPENSATION: TASC offers one of the best compensation and recognition programs in the industry. Our Provider Incentive Program includes gifts, cash, and even all-inclusive vacations. Top Providers are recognized through our elite membership clubs, including the President’s Advisory Council and TASC Blue Circle.

SERVICE OFFERINGS: Our current service offerings include nineteen unique employee benefit and compliance administration services, all backed by 40 years of industry expertise.