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Accessible Testing and Development

Creating an inclusive designs to increase audience reach and protect your business. 

Accessible Testing And Development

Imagination Base is dedicated to providing comprehensive website solutions that prioritize inclusivity and accessibility.

Our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes, government agencies, and educational institutions with affordable accessibility solutions. By offering accessibility testing and development services, we ensure that every visitor can navigate your website seamlessly.

We adhere to the latest WCAG 2.2 standards and comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and The Rehabilitation Act, including Section 504 and Section 508 accessibility requirements. Looking for accessible website solutions? Visit our sister site,, for more information.

Accessibility Testing and Development

Website Accessibility assessment

A Roadmap To Accessibility

An accessibility assessment for your website serves as a vital roadmap toward achieving true inclusivity. Ensuring that your website is usable by all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, is not only a legal necessity but also a testament to your commitment to user experience excellence and inclusivity.

Our team of certified testers specializes in uncovering accessibility issues that may hinder user experience. They conduct thorough evaluations that extend beyond surface-level checks, delving into the website’s administrative elements, scrutinizing its structure, and analyzing design components. This meticulous approach is essential for identifying barriers that could impede users with disabilities from fully accessing your website’s content and features.

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ADA Website Audit

Manual Website Accessibility Testing

To begin the journey toward creating an ADA accessible website, the first crucial step is conducting a Website Accessibility Audit. This comprehensive audit involves a thorough examination by individuals who utilize assistive technologies, mirroring the experiences of those who require modifications in their computer usage.

During the audit process, our team identifies the foundational pages that serve as templates for the rest of your website. These template pages form the backbone of your site’s structure and functionality, ensuring that they meet accessibility standards is essential for enhancing the overall inclusivity of your online platform.

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Website Accessibility Remediation

Accessibility Issues Fixed

Our Website Accessibility Remediation service is tailored to transform your website into an inclusive and user-friendly platform.

We understand that achieving compliance with the WCAG 2.2 guidelines may seem daunting, especially if you’re not well-versed in web development or accessibility standards. That’s where our experienced and friendly team comes in – we’re here to guide you through the process or perform the remediations, making sure your website becomes accessible to all users.

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Accessible Documents and PDF testing

PDFs – Documents – Videos

Ensuring that documents, PDFs, and videos are accessible is integral to meeting WCAG guidelines for an inclusive website. Information accessibility is crucial for effective communication online, making accessible documents essential for businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies alike. These documents serve as vital tools for disseminating information and engaging with your audience effectively.

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Accessibility assurance

Inclusivity through accessible website design

Inclusivity is at the core of our ADA Compliant Website Design service. We believe that every user should have equal access to your website’s content and functionality. By adhering to accessibility standards using WCAG guidelines, we ensure that your website is welcoming and usable for all visitors, regardless of their abilities or disabilities and protect your business from legal ramifications. 

Accessible website development

Comprehensive web services to meet all your needs

Our commitment to your success extends beyond web design. With our Supporting Services, we offer a comprehensive suite of web solutions to meet all your needs. Whether you require content creation, SEO optimization, reliable hosting, or ongoing support and maintenance, our team is here to support your website at every stage of its journey, helping you achieve long-lasting online success.

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Discovery & Planning

We learn about your business and listen to your goals. Working together, we ascertain your brand’s voice and message to drive sales and conversions from your website.

Design and Content - Imagination Base Louisville website design process

Content & Design

Through communication and feedback, we ensure that every aspect of the website reflects your  unique brand and resonates with your target audience.

Development and Hosting - Imagination Base Louisville website design process

Development & Support

Once the content and design are finalized, our skilled development team brings the vision to life, meticulously coding and implementing the website features.


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We have worked with Imagination Base LLC for several years. Teresa’s marketing, web placement and social media skills continue to make our small local company outperform national competitors in web visibility, local marketing arenas and national venues. Her intense desire to understand our company’s needs have led to multiple successful marketing ideas and campaigns and we highly recommend Imagination Base marketing savvy to others

Bob Jennings – CEO

I have had the good fortune of working with Teresa at Imagination Base on several projects. Teresa is an amazing and skilled designer. Her creativity and wealth of fresh ideas for web page advertising far exceeds what a person might try to put down in a few words here. Both in public projects and in a private sector setting, Teresa clearly tops others in her field. She and her team take the time to listen carefully and then craft the result in a “team” approach with the customer so that each detail comes through in the finished product. I have been very impressed and satisfied with Imagination Base web design result. Imagination Base’s work is always first rate.

Dan Moore – Circuit Court Judge